JSON Validator

JSON validator allows users to validate the JSON object’s syntax. It verifies all frequent errors including missing or excess commas, incorrect data types, and invalid object keys.

How to Validate JSON Online?

  • Type or Paste Your JSON

Type or enter your JSON data into the text area. 

  • Upload JSON File / Load JSON URL

You can also upload a JSON file directly from your device or simply Load a JSON URL by entering it in the given field.

  • Click Validate Button 

Click “Validate JSON” and the validator will check JSON data for any syntax errors or invalid data types quickly. 

  • Download Validated JSON 

Save your validated JSON data by simply clicking the “Download” button or copy/paste it into your actual file.

How Does Json Validator Online Work?

JSON validator checks the data for correct syntax and ensures it follows the JSON specification. Data types, structure, and format are all checked to ensure they are appropriate for the intended usage.

Validate JSON online to ensure that it is well-formed and optimized for parsing and generation, which in turn helps boost the performance of your apps. By preventing dangerous material from being inserted into your JSON data, JSON validation can assist increase the safety of your apps.

So how exactly does our online JSON validator work? The JSON verify tool allows you to paste JSON code and it will automatically verify its syntax and validity. It will work in two moods include:

  • Syntax Checking 

The online JSON validation tool scans your JSON code line by line to ensure all syntax rules are properly followed. It will check:

  • All strings are enclosed in double quotes “
  • Keys are followed by a colon :
  • Commas, separate key/value pairs
  • Curly brackets { } encapsulate objects
  • Square brackets [ ] denote arrays etc.

If there are any syntax errors, the JSON checker will notify you of the error type and line number so you can quickly fix the issue.

  • Data Validation

In addition to checking syntax, our free JSON validator also ensures your data is in the proper format. For example, it will validate:

  • All numbers are actual numeric values
  • Boolean values are either true or false
  • Dates are in ISO 8601 format
  • URLs are properly formatted
  • Email addresses follow the name@domain format

Why Use Online JSON Validator?

JSON validator has several benefits, including:

Data Integrity

Ensuring Data Integrity

JSON checker examines JSON documents for any kind of issue in its syntax and structure. The tool allows its users that the data is 100% accurate and complete. This helps to eliminate the possibility of mistakes and discrepancies resulting from manual data or other forms of human error.

Detecting Bugs

Detecting Bugs Early

Using a JSON validator online during development helps find issues before they become widespread and therefore more difficult and expensive to correct. By checking the data types and structures used inside the document, the JSON checker can locate errors in the JSON file. 

Improving Productivity

Improving Productivity

JSON online validator can assist boost productivity since it eliminates the need for human review of JSON files. Freeing up developers’ time to focus on other parts of the development process, our automated JSON validation tool can quickly discover mistakes and provide solutions for addressing them.

Benefits of using JSON validator Online

Ensures valid JSON structure

JSON checker checks that the data is valid and well-formed. It aids in the prevention of erroneous data being transferred to a server or saved in a database and helps in the early detection of development faults.

Saves time and resources

Using the online JSON validator, developers save time and money by identifying potential problems before they are implemented. This cuts down on the amount of time needed for testing and debugging and guarantees a flawless end output.

Improves code quality

JSON validator online can rest assured that your code is well-structured and written in accordance with industry standards. This has the potential to improve both the code’s maintainability and the quality for end users.


The JSON online validator can be used with many different languages and systems. Large JSON files and intricate data structures are no problem for it.

User-Friendly Interface

The online JSON schema validator has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to validate JSON online straightaway. Just paste your JSON code into the text area and click “Validate”.

Instant JSON Validation

The JSON validator will give instant feedback on your JSON’s validity. A valid JSON will display a “Valid JSON” message, while an invalid JSON will pinpoint exactly where the error is so you can fix it fast.

URL-Based JSON Validation

Our online JSON schema validator supports URL-based validation where you only need to enter the URL of where your JSON file is located and our tool will fetch it and validate JSON online swiftly.

Schema & Syntax Validation

To check JSON more thoroughly, you can upload the JSON code on our JSON validate tool to check if it follows the schema. Our free JSON checker also supports syntax highlighting in which certain colors are assigned to the JSON code to make elements like strings, numbers, booleans, null values, and key names simpler to identify at a glance.

JSON Schema Validation

JSON Schema Validation works by defining a schema for data validation. The schema is a JSON object that describes the structure and content of another JSON object. When data is input into a system, it is validated against the schema to ensure that it meets the specified requirements.

JSON Schema validation types

JSON Schema validation supports several types of validation, including:

  • String validation – Validates the format, length, and content of strings
  • Numeric validation – Validates numbers and their properties, such as minimum and maximum values
  • Object validation – Validates the structure and content of JSON objects
  • Array validation – Validates the structure and content of JSON arrays
  • Boolean validation – Validates boolean values
  • Null validation – Validates null values

Common JSON Errors JSON Validator Can Detect

Several common errors can occur when validating JSON data. An online JSON validator can help you catch those issues so you can fix them effortlessly.

  • Missing or Extra Commas 

Commas are used to separate JSON objects and arrays. Missing a comma means two values will be interpreted as one, while an extra comma will create an empty value. So, always ensure to check all commas are in the proper place.

  • Missing or Extra Curly Braces 

Curly braces { } define JSON objects. If one is missing, all the keys and values inside the object will be invalid. An extra curly brace will create an empty object. Make sure all opening and closing braces match up.

  • Missing Quotation Marks 

All JSON keys and string values must be wrapped in quotation marks “ “. Missing quotes will cause the JSON to be invalid.

  • Trailing or Missing Brackets 

Square brackets [ ] define JSON arrays. Trailing or missing brackets will invalidate the array. Verify all brackets are balanced and in the correct position.

  • Comments in JSON 

Comments are not valid in JSON. Any text between // or / / will cause an invalid JSON. So, always remove comments from your JSON code before validating it.

  • Invalid Data Types

JSON only supports six primitive data types including strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, objects, and null. A JSON code with a date, an undefined variable, or another invalid data type will be invalid.

  • Null or Inaccurate Data 

If you accidentally leave out a comma, quote, or bracket in JSON, your data can become invalid. However, you can examine your data to catch any null, inaccurate, or missing elements with the assistance of an online JSON checker.

  • Unclosed Dictionaries & Arrays 

Missing closing brackets, whether it’s a square bracket ] or a curly brace }, will make your JSON code invalid. JSON has strict rules around nesting objects and arrays within each other. So, always ensure your objects, arrays, and values are nested properly at each level of your JSON data structure.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an Online JSON validator?

JSON validator checks whether a JSON file or string is syntactically and structurally correct according to the JSON standard.

Why do I need JSON online validator?

JSON validator can help you avoid common mistakes when working with JSON data, such as missing commas, misplaced brackets, or incorrect data types. You can validate JSON online to ensure it’s compatible with other systems and tools that expect valid JSON input.

How do I use JSON validator?

By pasting your JSON data and validating JSON instantly. Some programming languages also provide built-in JSON validation functions or libraries that you can use in your code.

What are some common errors that a JSON validator can detect?

The online JSON validator can detect errors such as missing or extra commas, incorrect use of quotes, invalid data types, missing or incorrect brackets, and more.

Can the JSON checker fix errors in my JSON data?

The JSON checker is designed to only detect errors and provide feedback on what needs to be corrected.

Can JSON validator online validate JSON data in any programming language?

Yes, JSON is a language-independent data format, so the JSON validator can be used to validate JSON data regardless of the programming language used to generate or process it.

Are there any security concerns when using JSON validator?

No, there is not a single security concern while using our online JSON validator. All the data and device security is our first concern.